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Changing The Way We Interact on the Road

What is CARmmunicate

Developed out of frustration on the road – not having the ability to properly and clearly communicate with other road users - pedestrian or another vehicle. CARmmunicate was put together to tackle everyday problems within a vehicle and explore what we can do with todays technology to make driving a much more safer and enjoyable experience for all.

The way we communicate has changed so much in modern era but the way we communicate whilst driving has remained the same.

We are all so connected in so many ways but when driving (an activity we do on a daily basis) the form of communication has remained the same – horn + indicators

Creating innovative solutions to aid with drivers on the road to ultimately create a safer environment for all

Improving the way we can communicate between drivers will ultimately help increase safety on the roads and reduce road rage and accidents.

The better people can communicate behind the wheel the happier everyone is on the road and the more efficient our traffic can become

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Our Team

Tony Gee

Tony oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Jason Sugeng

Jason leads Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features.

Cherry Wang

Cherry is Chief Financial Officer at CARmmunicate, where she leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams.

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Develop products that will continually aid in drivers comfort, safety and well being. Products that can be applied to any vehicle irrelevant of build. The way in which we communicate evolves continuously throughout our everyday life and we believe the same should be done for when we are behind the wheel. An activity that millions engage in every and every day for hours.

To use technology to improve the way in which we use our vehicles and allow us to communicate better with each other.

To improve road safety through a series of tech products that are currently not available on the market with mainstream automakers.

To help influence and drive innovative ideas to improve the overall driving experience


Hold up to 8 pre saved messages

Messages can be selected through the APP, remote control or on board buttons

Mini displays reflects the larger displays so driver can confirm what is being shown

Voice input enabled

Super bright - Visible day or night

Plugs into car 12v

Front and Rear displays

Super thin and light

Support English & Chinese

How you can support us


Yes you can see from the video this is a working protype that can go into production, though through the campaign we looking for feedback for further improvements prior to production
All products have a 12 months manufacturers warranty against any defects

We do post worldwide, the cost depends on the location

The legality depends on your own local government. The product has been designed to overcome most legal issues, and there are user instructions that advise against how to use the product
Production will start at the end of the campaign and we aim to have goods delivered within 60 days which includes manufacturing and postage.

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